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Imagine a retail sales force completely in tune with you, the brand source. They have access to the full brand signal, loud and pure — everything from your latest brand news, to product tech information and specific feature/benefit points to use on the sales floor. They are now loyal brand crusaders, trumpeting your message where 67 percent of buying decision are made: on the front lines.

Some of the key benefits of Sparc training for manufacturers:

  • Keep retailers educated on your products as they become increasingly complex and technical.
  • Entertain while you educate, developing more brand loyalty among retail salespeople.
  • Complementary to your existing sales force. Makes their jobs easier, allowing them to be more effective in the short time they have with your customers.
  • 24/7 usability, user-controlled experience.
  • Industry-best reporting and metrics. Real time usage tracking at down to the store level.
  • Award-winning content.
  • Direct exposure to the experts on your team that developed the products and know them better than anyone.
  • Dynamic online community, sharing ideas and best practices.
  • Learn & Earn incentives — high motivation for retail salespeople to get immersed in your brand.

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